Monday, June 30, 2008

11 years of bliss

This weekend Marc and I celebrated our 11 year anniversay. I can't believe it has been that long. I guess time flies by when you are having fun. We went to dinner and then he took me to the Belagio to walk aroung their flower diplay, but really he went to take me to get my gift. He took me to Tiffany's to by me a ring, but they did not have my size. Marc was a little upset about it. The practical side of me came out and told him I could really use some new tennis shoes and some clothes instead. Marc didn't want me to be practical though. We had a really good night together. We even went to my favorite ice cream place, yum! I just want to tell Marc how much I love him and am so grateful he is mine for eternity. He is so good to me and our kids. He truely is my gift from God. Thanks for 11 sweet years!!

Friday, June 27, 2008


So this is what I came down to this afternoon while upstairs. Not 1, not 2, but 3 sleeping kids. My house is so quiet. Morgan is the only one who is not asleep. She told me she is way to old for naps. I thought I would give it a try though. There is nothing better then a sleeping kid. I guess kids can sleep anywhere, seeing how Loryn is sleeping. Yes , I realize that wasn't very safe either. Maybe I shouldn't be doing laundry, ha ha.

I lost some weight!!!

So yesterday I thought I would change it up for Marc for our 11 year anniversary. Boy did I surprise him. I lost 9 inches. To bad real wieght loss wasn't as fast as this was. I am still sad about the loss of all my hair, but hey it is alot cooler. Sometimes you just need a change and I guess I was at that time. I am not quite sure Marc was though. I guess life is full of surprises.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So today Mason and Loryn decided to cure their boredom. Mason decided he would paint his toenails pretty so he could show is big sisters his great work. Instead he was so embarrassed because the girls told him only girls paint their toenails. He told me he wanted it off because he wanted to play with boy toys and not be a gitl any more. I think it is so funny how he wants to fit in with all his sisters. So I decided to take them swimming at my parents to run off some energy, except I didn't want to swim, so Loryn had to swim in the bucket. She was just fine as long as their was water. I love how easy it is to still please her.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Mason grad day

Today was Mason's preschool graduation. Mrs. Tate did such an awesome job with these kids.Mason has learned so much this year, and went on some really fun field trips. I am glad we get to do it again with her next year. Mason did such a good job singing the songs. Last time all he would do is sit there. He has come out of his shell alot. He actually enjoyed it this time. These kids did such a great job today. Way to go grads.I love you son!

Special me

Mason is so cute singing this song.I love his raspy voice. He was kind of upset the song skipped out in the middle,hence the sad face.