Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy 5 Birthday Mason

I cannot believe that my little man has turned 5. I so wish he would stay little forever. Mason is such a sweet boy. Yes I happily admit he is a mama's boy. He always is the first to tell me he loves me and is so cuddly with me. I hope this will never change. We had a fun day with him bowling as a family. He was so happy to get his big boy bike and cowboy boots. He wants to be just like his papa! Happy Birthday Mason bug, I love you!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Anderson Dairy tour

Today we went Anderson Dairy for a tour and of course the ice cream. All the kids were out of school, so we needed something to do to kill some time. They all liked seeing how eveything was made, but Loryn said it best, More ice cream. Nothing beats 10 am ice cream. After we went to G-ma's to burn some calories on the wii.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Glam Night

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What a fun night we had celebrating Morgan's birthday. She had a sleepover glam night. All the girls were pampered with facials, nails, makeup, and hair. They all looked like little diva's. They even got star treatment with a limo ride to luv-its, and a ride down the strip. They had so much fun. Even the adults had fun, just wish we were getting the pampering instead. Now all the girls keep asking when they get to get facials again. I have created some monsters. Sorry to all the other girls mom's. It was a very loud and late night, and a very earlier morning. It was a very fun and Morgan was so happy. Thank you to Mom, Aunt Jamie, and Aunt Michelle for doing all the pampering, we love you! You guys are the best. It was a very memorable night!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Could it be?

Today was a first. None of my kids even wanted to sit on a potty before 3. Maybe she just wants to be like Lacie. Lacie went potty and then Loryn was all go. With the help of jellybeans, Loryn actually went peepee on the potty. She was pushing so hard that she was even surprised when poopoo came out. I am not going to get to excited about it, but man would it be great to have her join the big girls club! Cross your fingers for me.

Wagon ride

Two peas in a pod. We always joke that Lacie and Loryn are twins born 5 years apart. It is so crazy how much their personalities and looks are so alike. I guess it is better they weren't real twins, I don't think I could handle them together.

It has been awhile since the kids have played with this wagon at G-ma and Papa's. I think Morgan has outgrown it a little. It seems like yesterday that Morgan was a baby riding in it. Man does time fly by. The kids were having so much fun playing in it. Mason thought he was so strong, pulling all his sisters.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

HSM on ice

Last night we went to HSM on ice for a girls night. Every year Aunt Jamie and G-ma take the girls to the Disney on ice show. The girls always have a great time and look forward to it all year. We really missed G-ma, she was home sick.LAcie was excited that Missy and Riley came. Thanks Missy for coming to the show with us. Now it is Mason's turn. Jamie is taking him to the monster trucks when they come to town. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful sister who loves to spend time with my 4 monkeys! Thanks Jamie for all the good times, I love you!