Monday, August 31, 2009

My little man

My sweet Loryn

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to school

Well we survived our first day back to scool. We meaning me. It is always hard to see my babies moving on and getting older. I can't believe Morgan is in 4 and my little tink is in 3. The hardest thing about today was my little man going to kindergarden. I was fine until he gave me a hug and nearly chocked me and wouldn't let go. It is so funny how all the moms are crying. I am not sure who it is harder on, them or us. I am so proud of all my kids. They are truely the biggest blessing in my life. They are all such great kids and always try their best in all they do. I couldn't ask for anything more. Their dad gave them great fathers blessings, which always makes me feel so much better sending them off. I am so grateful that they have the priesthood in there lives. I know how great it is for them, since I didn't have the priesthood at home growing up. I am thankful everyday that I have a husband worthy to hold the priesthood. The only bad thing about the day, the girls said was, they can't believe they have homework on the first day. Welcome back to school!