Friday, December 24, 2010

Morgan turns 11

Morgan has turned 11 and I keep looking at her and thinking where has the time gone. I was truely blessed to be sent her to me. She is everyhting I want to be. She is my child with the biggest heart. I have to look to her alot of the time because she is an example to me of beng like Christ.I love her testimony and am strengthened everyday by her faith. She is such a great big sister and is the second mom in the house. I love that she is the peacemaker in our home and I am grateful for that alot. I love her sweet and caring attitude. Morgan is such a people pleaser and is always trying to keep everyone happy around her. I love you Morgan and am so proud of the beautiful and loving young lady you have become. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of my baby girl. Yes,she will always be my baby girl!

We had yet another fun and exhausting trip to Disneyland. I love going this time of year. It just adds to the Christmas spirit. I look forward to spending time with my family and watching the excitement on the kids faces.It doesn't get much better then this for our family.
A family must. Waiting in the Tiki room.

The longest line we stood in was for Tangled. It was a must for Loryn. She is her favorite. I always love seeing my girls see thier favorite princess. There is magic in their eyes. Loryn was being a little shy and didn't want to go in once we were up. I didn't wait in a 45 minute line to leave. She was fine as long as Flynn Rider wasn't around.It was so funny how she just kept looking at Tangled,like is this for real.

Mason didn't feel to good the whole day but boy did he perk up when he was chosen to be a Jedi. He was looking forward to doing that the most. So I was so glad when he was chosen. It was fun watching him totally get into it when he was fighting the bad guys. Way to go Jedi Mason.

We always have to go walk around Downtown Disney.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Loryn turns 4

Well my little Loryn has turned 4. It is so sad how fast time has gone by with her. I wish I could have kept her a baby forever.We had a fun princess tea party for her and a couple of her besties.She had a great time. Loryn is such a fire cracker.She is so sweet and yet so sassy at the same time.I love to listen to her sing and hear her playing make believe with her barbies. She is such a happy girl and everyday brings a little more sunshine to my day. I am so blesssed to be her mom.
Some of Loryn's favorites are:
Color- pink and purple
Movie- Ariel
Tv show- Team Umi Zumi
Song-Need you know by Lady Antebellum
food- pizza,sandwhiches and chips,bagels(carb girl)

All girl! She loves to get clothes, shoes, and jewlery.

Loryn loved her birthday outfit G-ma got for her to wear. She spinned around the whole day.

All the princesses having their tea.

Loryn loves to play with all her princess barbies. Now she is has to have the prince to each princess.





Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spooky chili night

We always go to Marc's families halloween night for chili and treats.I love how everyone comes dressed up, especially the adults.We also go trick or treating with them. I have so much candy I get sick looking at it.Good food, good family, and always good fun. What more can you ask for!

My little trick or treaters.

Halloween at the Dunes

This year the kids chose to go to the sand dunes and camp for halloween. This was the first time we missed our trunk or treat but our kids did not seem to mind, so we headed out of town. They had such a great time riding on the atv's. My kids are always in heaven if it has anything to do with camping.They rode on a trailer to the different camps and trick or treated, which they thought was so fun. Now they want to do it every year.I think we took more sand home with us then was the at the dunes.

Carvin pumpkins

This year we had my family over for soup and carving pumpkins.We all had a great time.The kids enjoyed painting theirs, while the adults carve one. I love how the holiday's always bring the family together more often.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lacie's 9th Bday

We had a great night celebrating Lacie's birthday. There was alot of glitz and glamor going on at out house. My mom and sister are the greatest. Mom did facials, Jamie did hair and make up, and I did nails. Jamie got us the hook ups again with her friends limo. The girls acted like rock stars all night. I still can't believe my Lacie is 9. What a sweet and spunky girl she is. She brings so much light to our family. I love you Lacie!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Duck Crrek

We love to go to duck creek every year and be with family. It always so peaceful up there,and I wish I could stay. It seems all of lives stresses go away when you are up in the mountains. Maybe it is because you are closer to God in the mountains. There is so much fun things to do up there. I love how the kids play outside all day and there is not much bickering. I love spending time with my kids and seeing the joy on there sweet faces.