Monday, April 14, 2008

Visiting G-MA

My mom went to the hospital the other day because her left arem was hurting really bad and was going numb,so they thought they would go and check it out.Luckily everything checked out ok,except for some disc's in her back which caused the pain.The funny thing is when we went to visit her Mason asked her where her baby was.He has only been to the hospital when I have had a baby. He was then shocked to discover G-ma had been playing the wii there.He thought the heart monitor was a wii remote. I love the things that kids come up with. I am just so thankful my mom is alright, I could not imagine one day without her.She is truely my angel on earth.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Day of Fun

Today all of the kids had a friend over to play,and boy did they play.My house was pretty busy. They all had so much fun.Morgan and her friend did karaoke and played alot in the playhouse.Lacie and her friend were busy coloring pictures for eachother.I don't think Lacie stopped talking the whole time,she was so excited to have her friend over.One day she will be a great missionary,because she is a talker.Mason was so fun watching play hoops with his buddy,they were all about full contact.Their laughs were so cute.To calm things down abit they all decided to watch,Enchanted.Even the boys enjoyed it.It was nice having a friend for each of them over,I never heard any bickering from my kids.Maybe I should just adpot a live in friend for each of them.