Saturday, November 20, 2010

Loryn turns 4

Well my little Loryn has turned 4. It is so sad how fast time has gone by with her. I wish I could have kept her a baby forever.We had a fun princess tea party for her and a couple of her besties.She had a great time. Loryn is such a fire cracker.She is so sweet and yet so sassy at the same time.I love to listen to her sing and hear her playing make believe with her barbies. She is such a happy girl and everyday brings a little more sunshine to my day. I am so blesssed to be her mom.
Some of Loryn's favorites are:
Color- pink and purple
Movie- Ariel
Tv show- Team Umi Zumi
Song-Need you know by Lady Antebellum
food- pizza,sandwhiches and chips,bagels(carb girl)

All girl! She loves to get clothes, shoes, and jewlery.

Loryn loved her birthday outfit G-ma got for her to wear. She spinned around the whole day.

All the princesses having their tea.

Loryn loves to play with all her princess barbies. Now she is has to have the prince to each princess.





Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spooky chili night

We always go to Marc's families halloween night for chili and treats.I love how everyone comes dressed up, especially the adults.We also go trick or treating with them. I have so much candy I get sick looking at it.Good food, good family, and always good fun. What more can you ask for!

My little trick or treaters.

Halloween at the Dunes

This year the kids chose to go to the sand dunes and camp for halloween. This was the first time we missed our trunk or treat but our kids did not seem to mind, so we headed out of town. They had such a great time riding on the atv's. My kids are always in heaven if it has anything to do with camping.They rode on a trailer to the different camps and trick or treated, which they thought was so fun. Now they want to do it every year.I think we took more sand home with us then was the at the dunes.

Carvin pumpkins

This year we had my family over for soup and carving pumpkins.We all had a great time.The kids enjoyed painting theirs, while the adults carve one. I love how the holiday's always bring the family together more often.